North Georgia State Fair
North Georgia State Fair Information
September 19th - 29th
North Georgia State Fair
Unlimited Ride Handstamps are on sale for the North Georgia State Fair. Take advantage of presale pricing thru September 18.
Location Information


2245 Callaway Rd
Marietta, GA 30008

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Hours & Times
Monday-Friday: Open at 4pm
Saturday's: Open at 10am
Sunday's: Open at 12:30pm
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Unlimited Ride Specials

Save $$ thru September 18 at midnigh!

Only $23.95

Unlimited Ride Specials After September 18 at Midnight

Monday-Thursday:  $25
Friday & Sunday:  $30

Saturday:  $35 - must be purchased by 5pm

“*Additional E-ticket convenience fee will be added upon checkout.”

Tickets & Pricing
Tickets will go on sale August 1, 2024!
NOTE: Event information including pricing, specials, hours, and general information is subject to change without notice.